The first official night of pageant week was spent celebrating who helped make this possible – our wonderful sponsors of course! We met our roommates, got dressed to impress, and headed downstairs with just our crowns because a new sash with just our province was awaiting us.

Hashtagio and Standard Telecom

Let’s start off with something you have seen in every single one of my posts, and that is #MTC2017! The Hashtagio social media aggregator collects all of the shots posted with the #MTC2017 hashtag and collects all of the best photos! It is co-sponsored by Standard Telecom business phone networks.

UptotheTime Watches

UptotheTime Watches had the most beautiful jewellery. They gifted each of the girls with a beautiful rose gold necklace, and here’s the coolest part: each girl took a picture with their favourite watch, and if they win Miss Teenage Canada, the watch goes home with them! I picked out this beautiful sparkly silver one (which isn’t even out yet!) to take home with me if I win.

Wandering Minstrel Music School

This music school is in Mississauga, Ontario! Such a great sponsorship for some incredibly talented ladies. Basically, the music school donated a super cool and cute karaoke microphone (that of course the girls were testing out that night). We had to take solo selfies (a video of us singing) and post it. The winner is announced on Wednesday! This microphone made things so fun. Most of us girls only met that day, and to be singing Nicki Minaj and Hannah Montana really brought us together.

Super Adorbs

This is so self-explanatory, I honestly have no other way to put it. They have the cutest headbands, and by cutest, I meanĀ theĀ cutest. I got myself a set of polka dot Minnie Mouse ear ones and I love them!

Nine West

One word: shoes. This year, our swimwear shoes are sponsored by Nine West! The very exact style shown in the picture with me is what all of us will be wearing on the big night. Nine West is such a beautiful store, with of course beautiful shoes, but seriously check out their bags too!

Archer Dental

All of the girls were gifted with a mini dental bag – packed with necessities such as a toothbrush and floss! A pageant girl always has to have a perfect smile.

Golden Glamour Goddesses

With pageants there are spray tans – and Golden Glamour Goddesses are the best and helped us all out with looking sun-kissed and not streaky. They offered spray tans to girls who wanted them, and gifted each and every one of us with a beautiful cream.

Without our sponsors, none of this would be possible! A big thank you goes to not only sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada, but all sponsors who helped me get here. It is your kindness and generosity that really makes a difference.




Written by: Madison

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