My great uncle Calvin White! He has made immense contributions in challenging the federal government on Aboriginal rights. He has just recently became a Doctor of Laws at the convocation for graduates at Grenfell Campus. He is a huge inspiration of mine to say the least!

Powwow season is my favorite time of the year hands down. Maybe it’s my native roots that draw me toward this indescribable feeling of joy when I gather with my peoples around the circle, or maybe it’s being surrounded by hundreds of my family members. It could be the music, the dancers, the drummers… it’s a little bit of everything and then some. I think the best thing about it all is that everyone there feels the same way. I haven’t come across such a feeling of oneness at an event. The Powwow accepts everyone, regardless of culture, to attend and take in the beauty of our ancestors.

Although the Powwow is only 3 days, a year’s worth of planning goes into the event. As soon as the Powwow ends, the next day is spent planning next year’s celebration. With that being said, the celebrations are worth every second of your weekend.

This little angel gave me about 50 hugs in the span on 2 minutes… <3

This year at the Powwow field was way different for me. I attended as Miss Teenage Western Newfoundland, and I can’t tell you guys enough how grateful I am to have such amazing supporters. Having family members greet me and congratulate me, to young boys and girls clinging onto me the second they spotted the crown and sash. I loved spending hours telling people what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. The look of pride on your faces, the excitement in your eyes… gosh, how lucky am I to have so many people proud of me?

As a Mi’Kmaq woman, celebrations of my people hold a very special, warm place in my heart. When I attend these celebrations I truly feel like I’m the most raw, authentic version of myself, and I think that’s how everyone feels, and that’s why it’s such a success.

This is Cori, she is a paralympian heading out to compete nationally very soon!

The older I get, the more meaningful these celebrations become as I continue to truly understand what my culture is about. As a young child, I remember Powwows being buying candy, cool toys and handmade goodies at booths. It meant dancing around in the circle with as many cousins as I could grab at the time.

I sit here and try to think of words to describe how amazing this event is but I’m truly at a loss. You really don’t understand my feelings until you’ve joined the thousands of other people who attend each year. This event is perfect for a 1 month old baby and an 101 year old. Everything in between that too!

If you like yummy treats, toys, handmade jewelry, a clean and happy atmosphere, live music and dancing, as well as beautiful views… this is the place for you and your whole family. No puppies though! The Powwow field is sacred of course… It’s usually way too hot outside that weekend for puppies anyways 🙁

To be so tied to my Aboriginal roots is such a blessing. Teachings from the Elders and the Land have helped me grow as a person in ways that are different to others. To be exposed to such respect, dignity, and loyalty within my culture at such a young age has built me into the woman I am today and I cannot be prouder.

Wanna learn a little more? Visit this website!

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Written by: Madison

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  1. Marissa says:

    Your LOVE for your culture is awesome. Stay true to it all! Xo

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