Who is “they” that I speak of in such an attention-grabbing title? (Certainly not click-bait, we’ll get to it, I promise) “They” are the media, the articles placed on the same  website that features a video of a dancing cat and right next to that, the most recent Donald Trump scandal. Why are people so influenced by mass media forms like this? When I see websites like this posting things like “Why a Person with Anxiety is the Best Person to Love” I feel ashamed. A whole list of symptoms that will benefit the other person in the relationship while the other suffers: a true love story. I hope you all can catch a sense of my irritated sarcasm.

Disclaimer: not everyone suffering with anxiety/depression deals with everything I’ve mentioned in this post, nor am I saying there’s not more that happens. This is all what I’ve come to learn from personal experience and from talking to other victims.

You deserve peace…

xoxo Madison, Miss Teenage Western Newfoundland

Written by: Madison

5 Responses to What They Don’t Want You to Know: Mental Illness

  1. Paula Woodfine says:

    Madison there are no words…thank you for being authentic, for sharing honestly. Your a blessing to all ages…today I have learned so much. Big hugs

  2. Miss Teenage Avalon says:

    You are an amazing speaker. Reaching out to people about your own experiences and making them realize the difference from anxiety on social media and what it really is, is much needed and you are doing it justice. “Be proud of your mental illness and your progress” is a strong message that should be said more. You will do great things and help many people with this message. I hope you never stop bringing this kind of awareness to mental health.

  3. Marissa says:


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